I have the view that retirement today is nothing like I thought it would. The term retirement has so many negative connotations and outdated societal expectations. I, for one, didn’t feel as happy as I thought I would be once I was “retired”.

Retirement is a phase of life that we move into whether or not we are financially or emotionally ready. Everyone has their own stories and experiences they bring to this next stage of life which is still referred to as retirement.

For the lack of any other word to describe this period, the term retirement is it. It is a stage of life some of us are looking forward to with great anticipation, whilst some of us dread the thought of it.

What is for sure, today’s retirement phase of later life is as varied as we are individuals.

Transition into your retirement phase of life is often littered with a range of emotional and psychological struggles which are not extensively written about or acknowledged. Compared to the financial aspects of retirement planning, savings, and affordability.

Our individual financial circumstances can inhibit our ability to live the retirement lifestyle we had envisaged. This can be because of various factors such as

  • the fear of outliving our savings,
  • lack of savings enabling you to exit the workforce and retire, or
  • you have been forced out of the workforce because of ill health or retrenchment much earlier than planned for financially.

These are all very real concerns for us.

Transition into Retirement Is Challenging

Transition into retirement and adapting to a changed way of life comes with a range of associated internal struggles. As individuals, we must explore, evaluate, and decide on the path we will travel. At least initially to ensure we experience and enjoy something akin to our perceived “ideal retirement life”. Whatever that is for our current circumstances.

Just the realisation that you may not be “employable” in many people’s eyes is a mental challenge. It’s one very real hurdle to overcome. Just thinking, how are we going to spend each of our days for the next 20 or 30 years in retirement can be daunting?

As with any of life’s major transitions, feelings of uncertainly, apprehension for what our next stage of life (retirement) will bring is very real. Retirement will cause a major transformation to routines and schedule which you have been doing for the last 40 years.

These often include your perception of time, what you consider is important, or essential in your daily life, will change. These include – a variety of lifestyle changes

  • in relationships with your loved ones and family,
  • de-cluttering your life, downsizing your home,
  • relocating interstate or overseas,
  • variety of traveling,
  • taking up new hobbies or voluntary work

Changes in your social activities and your network of friends’ as well as what you will find fulfilling, enjoyable or are passionate about. These are all new realities when living as a retiree.

This is complicated further by combating emotional and physical health issues that are inevitable with living life in a progressively ageing body.

Why the Happy Retired Guy?

The idea of “The Happy Retired Guy” is my contribution to addressing the current issues that the concept of “retirement” presents us.

It is my way of providing information to you about the realities of retirement in the 21st century. It addresses the topics and issues about retirement from a person living and experiencing the reality of it.

Sometimes my blog will be aspects of my life whilst being retired. Other times it will be a commentary on my experiences, thoughts, and views of everyday topics I experience along my journey into later life.

I will also be discussing various factual and educational information about a range of retirement topics. These will be what I believe you will need to know about when your planning your retirement. Also, to assist you to live the best retirement life that you can. As always, I enjoy hearing your thoughts and comments on the subject.

Come join me on the journey to making this on one of the most exciting times of our lives.

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