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Services offered by Planned Wishes

Whether you are

  • over 50,
  • still working,
  • planning for retirement,
  • already retired and searching for direction,
  • a casualty of late-life redundancy
  • or you want to make sure your final wishes are known

then Planned Wishes is a valuable resource to ensure you are better prepared through the range of services on offer.

Retirement isn’t a destination, Nor a finishing line;
It’s the starting line for a whole new exciting stage of your life if you want it to be”

Services – What we can do for you?

We provide you with a range of services including self-paced Specialised Retirement Life and End of Life Coaching Resources. Providing clarity, confidence, and the means to take control and plan what you want the next chapter of your life to be like.

A successful transition into retirement has little to do with money.
It’s about your mindset”

Remember, only you have the power,

  • To improve and achieve the retirement lifestyle you would be happy with from a non-financial perspective
  • You alone are responsible for making your wishes into plans and to take the action necessary to improve your situation and outlook for your later years and beyond.
  • To make sure you are adequately prepared for the dramatic change of lifestyle and the corresponding effects this will have on you emotionally, mentally, socially and physically that most retirees have not considered.
  • Create your own future… it’s your life!

“Action is the difference between dreams and reality”


How to plan to have the best retirement you can

We focus on the non-financial issues and opportunities that are never part of traditional Transition to Retirement Planning. We look at the possibilities of reassessing and creating your future without limitations of stereotypical attitudes. We work with you to design the best, happy and most fulfilling retirement lifestyle you can achieve.


What you need to know for a happy retirement

You have retired but are wondering what’s next? Feeling bored, isolated, and have a lack clarity of what your expectations about Retirement are. Wish to live a more meaningful and happier Retirement Lifestyle? We raise your self awareness about what matters most to you and explore your beliefs, options and choices to make and live the Retirement life you want.

Happy-couple-retirement-lifestyle celebrating

What you need to know

We usually are not comfortable and typically avoid speaking about death or dying as it is considered taboo. This inhibits our planning and organising for the inevitable. Prior planning is necessary to make sure our final wishes are clearly known and communicated. It will certainly ease the burden on loved ones when the time comes, and difficult decisions have to be made.


Benefits to you

We provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment for you to explore any relevant issues with encouragement and support.

Planned Wishes can help you through partnering with you and use our skills, experience and in-depth knowledge, combined with various practical activities help you become clearer about what you want, help you plan it, and then make it happen.

Take action today by considering which of the following self-paced coaching services would be most beneficial for you.

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