The Essentials for Later Life and Beyond

Your Later Life and End of Life Planning is as important as planning for any other major event in your life. Our End of Life Planning program equips you with a sense of confidence and control in what will occur as you approach death by providing you with information, resources and the necessary guidance.

Later Life and End of Life Planning

We understand that planning your End of Life requirements can be daunting.

We offer a proactive and practical approach to make sure your wishes about:

  • the types of medical treatment and care options,
  • whether you want to be at home or in a hospital

including other relevant matters which need to be considered by you prior to a life-threatening event occurring are known.

Later Life and End of Life Planning

“It’s typical to avoid talking about

death, dying or End-of-Life”

We work with you, so your wishes and all the necessary information you want to be communicated is known and documented to support your requests relating to your dignity and quality of life are in place, reviewed and maintained.

Why you should plan for your final wishes

It is essential to plan ahead to know that your wishes will be communicated to your loved ones. You will feel confident in the knowledge that you have said what you have always wanted to say and not leaving anything unsaid.

Documenting your wishes is a gift to your family and loved ones as they will feel certain in the knowledge that what they will be deciding and agreeing on such as the type of funeral etc. is what you would have wanted to be done through your prior planning.

“Taking your wishes and

turning them into plans”