Frequently Asked Questions Page of Planned Wishes

Frequently Asked Questions about our Coaching Services

We answer the Frequently Asked Questions that you may have about how Planned Wishes Coaching will be able to help you. We want to make sure you’re well informed about what our coaching is all about.

At Planned Wishes, we work diligently to make sure we work with you. We achieve this by maintaining relevancy, honesty, and confidentiality in our working relationships.

We encourage you to focus on the mental and non-financial aspects of retirement lifestyle planning in contrast to financial planning. We find that the non-financial aspects of retirement are often rarely considered in the planning process.

During our coaching sessions, we accept you as being an individual and for whom retirement is a realistic option within the next 3 to 5 years.

Coaching ClientCounselling or Therapy Patient
You and the Coach collaborate on solutionsThe therapist is the ‘expert’
Focuses on the present and futureFocuses on dealing with the past
Inquires, “Where would you like to be” and “How can you get there”Inquiries, “How did that make you feel”
Driven by goals and taking actionDriven by unresolved issues and feelings
Results based and focuses on exploring solutionsExplores the root of problems and offers explanation
You act on informationPatient absorbs information
You are emotionally and psychologically healthyPatient is emotionally unwell and in need of healing
You work towards a higher level of operatingPatient works to achieve understanding and emotional healing
Conducted over the phone or internetProvided in an office setting