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Planning is important in everybody’s life.

Planned Wishes will make the End of Life Planning and decision-making process easier to achieve for everybody. We will help people to start their End of Life Conversations with friends and loved ones to develop their own End of Life Plan together – one small step at a time.

We believe that we make a real impact on people’s lives. Planned Wishes offer a range of useful information, articles, resources, consultations and assistance to handle this often ignored event that is an inevitable aspect of life that everyone will have to confront.

Planned Wishes provides a proactive approach to assist people to understand the various steps required to develop an End of Life Plan.  To ensure your wishes are considered, your dignity and the quality of your later life is maintained.

This involves:

  • having you consider what your personal views, values, and preferences would be for your End-of-Life care.
  • understanding how your current and likely future health, treatment and care options will be available to you.
  • why the need for having an End of Life conversation with your family?
  • the role your Advance Care Plans have when you record your wishes and choices for your future medical options
  • why only 14% of Australians have an Advance Care/Health Directive or Living Will organized
  • the legal documents that should be current such as a Will and Powers of Attorney
  • understanding the important role that Enduring Guardians or substitute decision-makers have when you cannot speak for yourself
  • the benefits that your Legacy Letter or Ethical Will have on you and for your future generations.
  • how to reduce the stress on the family and make sure your funeral will be the celebration of your life as you would have wanted.
  • the role that later life planning will have as you transition into the next stage of life.

The Planned Wishes team aims to provide all this information and more. It guarantees it will be relevant, comprehensive, informative, practical and actionable for you.

It will also educate and help anyone that desires to make sure that their Planned Wishes will be communicated and respected to reduce the unnecessary pain, guilt, and stress that occurs when people are not prepared by planning for the inescapable event.

We plan for every other major event in our lives so why not this?

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