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  • Later Life
  • End-of-Life Planning
  • Advance Care Directives
  • Advance Care Directives
  • Planning for End-of-Life Care Options
  • Funeral Planning and Memorials

  • Thoughts on Retiring
  • Life after Retirement
  • Living life at 60 plus
  • Estate Planning
  • Latest Healthcare trends for 50+
  • Experiences with End-of-Life Conversations with family
  • Wills and related issues
  • Dealing with the loss of a loved one

Planned Wishes is dedicated to discussing, reviewing, and commenting on related Retirement Planning, Later Life and End of Life issues. We would welcome your comments, experiences, thoughts, feedback, and insight on any aspect of this site you would like to share with our readers.

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We are looking for contributing writers to educate, inform and empower our readers to consider retirement planning, make the most of their later lives and to age well and with dignity with information. Also, we want our readers to be better informed about the benefits of planning for the inevitable which we all must face one day.

The articles can be between 900 – 3,500 words. We also need a 30-word bio and a link to your blog/twitter/website for inclusion on your blog posting.

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We would also appreciate it if you could include an appropriate photo to add to your article. It should be either one you have taken yourself or one you have permission to use. Do not send a photo you have not gained permission to use, as you could be held liable for its unauthorised usage. The photo must correspond to the theme or content of your article.

As a disclaimer, we wish to inform you that by sending us an article you give us permission to make necessary amendments to your contribution, including grammatical edits and cutting down word count if required. At no point will we add anything to your work. We are only requiring permission to edit your contribution as we see fit or as is necessary for the website.

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