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What do you need to know About Us?

Planning for the life you want after retirement and being mentally prepared for the dramatic changes you will encounter are rarely discussed. Retirement is much more than just Financial Planning.

The mission of Planned Wishes is;

Mission Statement of Planned Wishes

Planned Wishes supports you in preparing for this major lifestyle change, deal with this period of uncertainty and dissatisfaction providing the opportunity to identify new options and empower you to pursue new directions.

We all enter this next phase of life from our own distinct perspective with many mixed emotions. These include euphoria, a sense of relief, happiness, sadness, and loss.

Need to plan for your retirement life

It is crucial for you to plan for these inevitable changes. Ensuring you are better prepared to avoid the various issues many people experience.

We can help you to develop the mindset to handle the transition and challenges that you will be confronted with in this next new and exciting chapter of your life.

We offer support, a structure and an easy to understand format and proactive strategies which are customised for you through our information programs. Gain the clarity needed for the encore years you are seeking.

Our guarantee to you is that we will help you achieve your goals.

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About Us the Founders of Planned Wishes

Retiring is not just a destination but the beginning of a new phase of your life. Many of us often look towards our retirement with a range of mixed feelings and the transition for many of us is not as easy as most of us believe it would be.

Regardless of how you view what your retirement is or will be, we’re here to clarify your thinking and perspective of what your retirement lifestyle can be as well as the financial realities.

We believe that you should be developing and focusing your mindset on understanding your choices. Identifying the potential for opportunities making sure your retirement is all that you thought it would be and everything you deserve.

What you need to know About Us

I (Mandy) and Jeffrey created Planned Wishes in response to our own personal journey and research in dealing with the many non-financial issues of retirement. Particularly the importance of the development of the right mindset towards achieving our ideal retirement.

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Some of the issues we faced included:

  • later life redundancy,
  • being forced into early retirement,
  • the lack of purpose and motivation,
  • boredom,
  • disillusionment,
  • loss of self-esteem, and
  • Questioning

What Retirement Really Means to Us!

We strongly believe that non-financial issues are as important as your financial planning. They need to be addressed when planning your retirement phase.

These real-life experiences together with our backgrounds have led us to develop unique, effective and practical Retirement Lifestyle Planning Services. Continue on to find out more about us.

About Us – Who we are?

Mandy Knowles

Director and Co-founder of Planned Wishes

My professional career spans over 35 years with a background in several self-funded business start-ups, in the hospitality, fitness, security, and vocational education and training sectors. Experienced as an Operations Manager, Company Director, Project Manager and as a specialised Quality Assurance and Compliance Consultant.

I am passionate about empowering others to make informed decisions about their Retirement, Later Life and End-of-Life matters before it’s too late. The illness and deaths of family and friends some premature have shaped my resolve to help others by providing information, education, guidance, and support for those transitioning into older age. I discovered that there were very limited resources devoted to developing the mindset to live the best life you can in Retirement and Later Life so, Planned Wishes was conceived.

Through Planned Wishes, my intention is to promote the philosophy of living the best you can today and make sure you have plans for the life you want for tomorrow.

Jeffrey Knowles

Co-founder and Retirement Life Coach of Planned Wishes

I am a graduate of both Macquarie and Charles Sturt Universities in Education and Management with a range of Diploma courses in Financial Planning, Coaching, Business, Management Training, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I have been actively involved in many training and mentoring programs for the unemployed, mature workers. Providing leadership, management, mentoring and coaching for many large and small organisations including business start-ups

As a Training and Management Consultant, I have met many people unprepared for retirement. Some have re-entered the workforce, others have become grey-headed entrepreneurs whilst others had regrets for not spending the time planning for their ideal retirement.

With my own experience in living with and observing the emotional and personal stress caused due to the lack of inadequate Later Life, Retirement and End of Life Planning.

I sincerely believe that being prepared through planning for your transition to retirement is the key to making the next chapter of your life fulfilling and rewarding.

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The why

As we have discovered there is a very limited amount of non-financial information about planning for your retirement.

So, Jeffrey and I developed our programs to help anyone who is in the process of retiring. To assist you to have a clear and positive mindset through practical planning to achieve the retirement you want.

Most of us have a good idea about our financial futures, bet very few of us fail to have a plan to enjoy a happy, meaningful and engaged retirement and later life.

I hope you decide to join us after reading about us, as I believe you’ll be happy you did.



Our Retirement and End of Life services is not therapy and it’s not the like counselling and does not deal with mental health issues, crisis intervention, or emotional problems that affect behaviour, cognition, or relationships.

If you’re thinking about:

  • Transitioning into retirement,
  • Retired and not feeling satisfied with day to day life, or even bored?
  • Knowing there must be more to life in retirement?
  • Worried about preparing for your later life, or
  • Just want to do more?

Feel free to contact us after reading about us and find out with no obligations and totally free if our services are a good option for you. We look forward to helping you to explore your possibilities to make your retirement wishes into plans and reality.

Given the right information and prompted by the right questions, you can discover the answers you need to live a more meaningful and satisfying retirement and later life.

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