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Most retirement planning focuses on financial planning and how much you should be saving. There is very little about how to create a meaningful retirement lifestyle that you’d be happy with. Find out how to transition to retirement and create the life you want to live faster and easier with us.
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The Retirement Facts

Retirement Ready

Of 550,000 Australians only 6.2% were very prepared for retirement, 25% admitted they were not prepared at all for retirement. And 2 in 5 Australian retirees would prepare for life after work differently given a chance.

Retirement Age

The average retirement age for people 45 years and over in Australia, according to figures from the ABS, is 55.3 years. However, when looking at those who’ve retired more recently (in the last five years), the average age is 62.9 years.

Forced Retirement

40% of Australian workers are forced into retirement before they are financially ready to retire. This is due to redundancy, illness, injury, and other factors. Yet we live our lives as though everything tomorrow is going to be just fine

Depression Risk

Did you know retirement happiness is elusive for many retirees? Being retired increases your risk of clinical depression by 40% and suffering at least 1 physical condition by 60% unless you have a plan!

Retirement and Later Life - What you need to know

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